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Do you have something concerning the CRCMH that you'd like to share? Perhaps you are a former patient of staff member at the hospital and would like to try and get in touch with your old colleagues. Or maybe you just want to ask some questions about The Shrine, or get some feedback from people about exploration or development issues. Whatever it is that you want to communicate - you've come to the right place, and there are a couple of different approaches which you might find useful...

Message Board

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This is a new feature at The Shrine, and a very logical one at that. However, it hasn't been perfected just yet. This message board is actually hosted on a generic remote site and will appear in a new window when you click the logo to enter it. Although it does contain an advertising banner, it's not a particularly obtrusive one - and after testing out many message board sites, this one was found to be slightly more tasteful and user-friendly than most. In time, we hope to construct our own board here at The Shrine itself. But stress not - because when that happens, all old messages from the remote board will be transferred to the new one. So get stuck in and enjoy it!


  • Discuss anything you like about the CRCMH or The Shrine.
  • Provide tales, reminiscences, or observations.
  • Ask questions that others might be able to help you with.
  • Place messages to help locate former CRCMH related colleagues.
  • Start an interesting new topic or pose a "poll" type question.
  • Have fun and contribute to discussions.


  • Abuse the board with offensive trash because we will only delete it.
  • That's about it - no drastic rules - use your common sense really.

So there you have it. There's no need to "Log In" to the board (unlike some such facilities), but you are requested to include your name and E-Mail address along with any post you might make. And when you're finished, the best thing to do is just close the Message Board window and resume your exploration of The Shrine.

Note for people trying to locate old friends:
If you're worried about spam or abuse and really don't want to display your address online, feel free to use our address instead - being We will then happily forward any personal responses concerning your post to you - provided of course that you let us know what your E-Mail address is beforehand (because we're not telepathic).

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Friends Reunited

Many of you will be very familiar with this website. For those less aware, it provides the opportunity to search for and locate old British schoolfriends and work colleagues - and it's certainly one of the more entertaining and original sites in cyberspace. You can of course leave your own message and contact details too. Whilst searching the entire site is free, they do charge an annual fee of £5 if you actually want to contact somebody through them (E-Mail addresses are not displayed online). But if you pay this nominal fee, then of course you'll be able to contact as many people as you want, as often as you like, so it's not really what you might call a rip-off, though most people tend to be reluctant to pay up.

Anyway, the CRCMH appears as a workplace on the site. Actually, it's listed under 3 different names because nobody who ever worked thereseems to be able to agree on precisely what it used to be called - well, duh! Below is a list of the former staff - including those who were listed on Friends Reunited at the beginning of May 2002 (there's been a few added here since, but more might have already appeared on the Friends Reunited website, so it's always worth checking for yourself) :

Name Dept / Position Years
Alden, Annette Student Nurse 1976-1978
Baker, Nancy Nursing 1967-1969
Beaney, Brenda Syringe Room 1957-1959
Bennett / Simmons, Elizabeth Cadet/Student Nurse 1947-1950
Berridge, Carolyn Nursing 1976-1977
Bevan / McBlain, Dawn Nursing 1978-1982
Birch, Vivien Nursing 1966
Bloomfield, Nikki X-Ray 1975-1979
Brennan/Gomm, Sheila ? 1979-1984
Caldwell, Keith Pathology ?
Deal, Janette Maternity 1974-1975
Dunsterville, Carol Nursing ?
Guay, Christine Wards 1960-1961
Hadingham, John Student Nurse 1966-1967
Hardy, Olive Student Nurse 1968-1973
Harris, Ann Student Midwife 1981
Jones, Jeanne SRN 1948-1952
Kelly, Tom Kitchen 1968-1972
Knibbs, Eileen Cadet/Student Nurse 1947-1951
Knight, Susan Obst & Gynae 1975-1984
Lee, Annette Nursing 1969-1975
Lipscomb, Lorna ? 1964-1967
McBlain, Jim Operating Dept Assistant 1978-1982
Middleton, Denise Student Nurse 1967-1970
Morris, Jenny Cadet Nurse 1948-1949
Nuttney, Carol Student Nurse 1970-1973
Parry, Margaret Student Nurse 1948-1951
Ragg / Giles, Jenny Pathology 1961-1964
Rees, Glynis ? 1975-1980
Seguro Holmans, Gay Nursing 1961-1977
Skinn, Julia Student Midwife 1980-1981
Thomson, Marie Nursing 1963-1970
Tweedy, Jill Student Nurse 1950-1952
Tyler, Jean Photography 1971-1985
Walters, Lucinda Nursing 1973-1984
Williams, Pat Nursing 1961-1966

If you see a name above highlighted in blue, that means you can email them directly from here. If you (or indeed somebody else you know of) would like your own email address featured above alongside your name, then simply let us know and we'll happily add it. Doing so can only make it easier for long lost colleagues to contact you, so if that's what you're hoping for - get to it!

Remember though that, aside from any email links above which individuals in question have requested us to display, we here at The Shrine have no way of directly assisting you to contact any of these people. The above details is merely a reproduction of information that they've already left online. The thing to do if you're intrigued is visit Friends Reunited by clicking on their logo below, and take it from there. Though you are naturally welcome to inform anyone that might be interested of the existence of The Shrine, and our free message board for discussing CRCMH matters.

Find a Friend..."Lovely" Dykes
Friends Reunited - Great site, lousy graphics.

Contact the CRCMH Webmasters

In many other cases, the best way to communicate CRCMH related issues would be to E-Mail us directly - in the strictest confidence if you so desire. We're always willing to listen and always try our best to help. So, whatever your reason, if you'd like to get in touch with us - you're more than welcome. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible - sometimes this will be almost instantaneously, at other times it may take a few days. But we do guarantee that we'll give your message the attention it deserves. At some stage, we may place an automated mailing form here in order to facilitate things, but for reasons discussed elsewhere on this site, for the time being we're asking you to make do with the humble old-fashioned E-Mail. So...

Any questions?

Any news updates?

Anything to contribute?

What are you waiting for?

Get writing!

...and hassle Damon & Owen at this address:


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