My memory of most actual events at the CRCMH is a bit vague . I do remember it was summer but it must have been late summer as it was dark that evening. I had come up with a few mates and we bunked each other up over the wall as per usual - but I wasn't with the usual Pwürg people I knew, and I didn't know my way round enough at nite. My past experiences had been wandering around in the day, and I remember the warped floor in the hall and the broken piano with the really eerie sound - not to mention x-rays, stretchers and a Resusci-Ann doll.

As we walked towards the main hospital building, I knew something dodgy was going on coz I had seen Professor Isaac Mangang's car parked some way up the road. This should have made me chill out as the Pwürg lot were probably there, and that anything dodgy would have been down to them. I heard some faint noises coming from the upstairs of the building and a few of us stopped walking. At this point I was in two minds - it's probably the wind or it's Pwürg upstairs fucking about. We carried on and went inside the front, where we walked down some corridors and went into the chapel - where "conveniently" there was a large black candle, lit and placed in an alcove. This was very poor, very tacky and sorry - but everyone knew that it was crap and that it was highly likely that Pwürg put it there - but where were they now?

I suppose that to be fair it set our minds thinking in the right way though. We left the chapel and walked down the other corridors and just snooped about. We went upstairs with our torches which had low battery power - all we had was dim orange light. We heard noises upstairs, and this started to freak me coz Julie and I were actually looking for people hiding up there but there didn't seem to be anyone there. We decided to go downstairs again - too spooky.

We were back in the main corridor downstairs and had stopped walking when, for no apparent reason, a length of chain which had been hanging from the ceiling decided to drop on my shoulder. This freaked me out biggie styley. After that I heard a noise upstairs - and that was it! Off I went out the door, across the front and over the wall. Normally I needed a bunk up to get over that wall, but that night six foot of brick was not a problem - I wanted out. However, I would like to point out that Peter beat me over the wall, so he was obviously more crappo than me!

I can't really remember what I was thinking. Half of me knew that Pwürg were or had been there, but I was just sooo spooked out. The chain falling on me was just bad luck as I remember speaking to someone like MC 1201 afterwards who said that they had hung the chain there, but the fact that it fell on me was pure chance as they had all been hiding upstairs. Maybe it wasn't just luck - could've been The Flincher!? That's my memory of it anyway.

Maidenhead, England
18th March 2002


Note from Prof. Isaac Mangang:

It's great to finally hear about the events surrounding this Pwürg organized prank on a bunch of girls - so thanks immensely "G.G" for your recollection. I will point out, however, that although there's a lot in there that sounds familiar, there's a couple of things I'd like to add.

Firstly, I am absolutely convinced that the above events occured during the daytime. I'd bet my life on it. It may have been very late afternoon - setting sun and long shadows - but there's no way that it was the dead of night or anything - we're not that cruel. I vividly recall us setting up around lunchtime, wandering about the place with our walkie-talkies like producers on a film set. Remember though that some internal parts of the CRCMH are still very dark in daylight hours - not that it has to be dark in order to scare people. I also clearly remember actually watching the "victims" run to the wall from upstairs - which would have been virtually impossible at night.

Secondly, I keep thinking that we did something else involving a dummy on that occasion (getting the idea from that fake corpse in the Animal Lab). Maybe we didn't, but the idea rings all sorts of bells, and of course, there's no saying that the dummy part of the prank actually worked - if there was one in the first place. Perhaps it was just moaning and chains after all. Either way, it's wonderful to have some kind of clarification on this obscure and long forgotten incident (it only came back to me whilst compiling the Virtual Tour) - and it's equally as gratifying to hear that I was stupid enough to practicallly give the whole game away by not hiding my car properly. Typical...



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