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This is a collection of images from a variety of sources that represent specific periods in the life of the hospital. These are generally taken from either personal collections or photographic archives, and many appear here in public for the first time. At present, this section consists of 25 photographs, which appear below in vague chronological order (with the oldest near the top). Any relevant sources / copyright holders are credited next to the image in question. Please respect their rights and direct any queries to us. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

  A rare postcard depicting a WWI visit by King George V and Queen Mary to the "Duchess of Connaught Hospital"- as it was then called. Courtesy of the Zwerdling Nursing Archives. Go have a look!

  The original Connaught hospital. The T-shaped building in the foreground is in fact the actual "Stage Room"- which was clearly retained when the "new" hospital was constructed. Ooh!
(Sgt J.R.Howe)

  Group photograph in a CRCMH ward. Looks very much like a wartime Christmas snapshot. And jolly it is too...
(source unknown)


  A magic early aerial shot of the finished hospital looking east (note the absence of smoke stacks). Neat isn't it? You can see Taplow Lodge too (top - right of centre). (original source unknown)

  Early 1940s Royal visit with Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), Princesses Elizabeth & Margaret, and Lady Astor (standing centre) - seated in the inner CRCMH courtyard.
(source unknown)

  Doctor and Cadet Nurses in the Children's Unit: 1948. Photo courtesy of Eileen Knibbs - Cadet/Student Nurse 1948/52

  Christmas 1948 in the Children's Unit. Photo courtesy of Eileen Knibbs - Cadet/Student Nurse 1948/52.

  Summer 1948 at the CRCMH - note open windows! Photo courtesy of Eileen Knibbs - Cadet/Student Nurse 1948/52.

  An enlargement from the above photo by Eileen Knibbs is this close-up of the crest above the main entrance which was removed around 1990. This is perhaps the best image of it in existence.

  Bray Court - later to become Bray (Film) Studios - was a training and accomodation centre for CRCMH Student Nurses. Photo courtesy of Jill Tweedy - Student Nurse 1950/52

  Sister Tutor with CRCMH Students at Bray Court - 1949. Photo courtesy of Jill Tweedy - Student Nurse 1950/52

  Pyramid of CRCMH Students at Bray Court - 1949. Photo courtesy of Jill Tweedy - Student Nurse 1950/52

  CRCMH nurses at Bray Court. The Golden Spaniel dogs belonged to the Sister Tutor. Photo courtesy of Jill Tweedy - Student Nurse 1950/52

  Sister, Staff Nurse and Students on the open veranda of the Women's Surgical Wing at the CRCMH - 1950. Photo courtesy of Jill Tweedy - Student Nurse 1950/52

  "CRCMH 1955" - B&W photo - from the Bucks County Council archive & also available as an inferior resolution version from the Francis Frith Collection.

  "CRCMH 1955" - B&W photo - from the Bucks County Council archive. The hospital in the late morning sun.

  "CRCMH 1955" - B&W photo - from the Bucks County Council archive. Similar angle to above, but in more overcast conditions.

  "CRCMH 1970s" from John Ewen. A nice atmospheric shot across the lawn from the car park under the trees. How "neat" is the place?...

  "CRCMH 1970s" from John Ewen. The main facade - note cars which bring memories of the decade flooding back.

  "CRCMH 1970s" from John Ewen. This is one of the southern end outbuildings - possibly the library or school.

  A nice postcard photo - most likely from the 1970s. Courtesy of Isabel Dorta Andujar, who not only was born there, but her parents lived and worked there too.

  "Built for heroes - Now a wilderness" - May 2000. By Raymond Luckett - from MMPP (see below)


  "Sad Endings" - May 2000. By Margaret Sellars - from MMPP (see below)

  "Derelict Bus Shelter"- May 2000 - from MMPP (see below). This stands on the B476 Cliveden Road just to the left of the original CRCMH entrance. Directly behind it you can see the ivy covered perimeter wall. By Margaret Sellars?

  "CRCMH 2001" - The beginning of the end. From developers King Sturge.

Three of the photographs above appear here courtesy of perhaps the single most important resource made available for those interested in Maidenhead and environs in recent times. I speak, of course, of the Maidenhead Millennium Photography Project. Over one long weekend in the first year of the new millennium (or the last year of the old one, depending upon your opinion), the people of Maidenhead took over 1200 photographs. These depict life in and around Maidenhead, featuring both people and places - as they were on the 6th, 7th and 8th May 2000.

A number of these were selected to appear in a commemorative book ("Three Days in May" - find it on Amazon). Thankfully, however, the photographs (including those that didn't make the cut for the book) eventually surfaced on "The Archive" - a CD ROM for your PC containing the complete MMPP series.

I cannot begin to recommend this disc to you enough. It is a simply fantastic slice of history, and everybody with a love or knowledge of Maidenhead will find it indispensible. To my delight, I found pictures of my old schools; the newsagent I used to work for; the barbershop that destroyed my hair for the best part of a decade; my favourite relaxation spots...even the tree I used to sit up in and watch cricket from. The list goes on. So, consider the three images here a taster of what you'll find on the disc, and set out now to grab yourself a copy before they all sell out. Seriously - You won't regret it!


The MMPP CD-ROM costs around £10 (inc. P&P) and is available from Rod Bird at Send an email expressing your interest and he'll sort you out - Get to it & enjoy!

Damon Torsten,
January-August 2002


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