Welcome mere mortals,

Ray Hurley-Castle here. I fully expect that you know who I am. If you don't give a toss, you should because I'm so bloody marvellous - so check out my condensed autobiography here. Now, I trust that you already know all about the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital. If you don't, then read everything on the main part of The CRCMH Shrine first - it ain't codswallop I assure you. Once you're done, and if you consider yourself worthy to proceed, then have a look at my effort.

Alongside my stunning good looks, and the fact that I'm the world's greatest photographer, I am also a crusader of mystical grooviness. I do a lot of good work for charity too, but I don't like to talk about that.

Anyway, in April 2002 I led a one-man clandestine operation into the grounds of the CRCMH in order to produce a stunning array of images for you - and here, on this website, I proudly present them for your viewing. So, if you think you can handle it, move on to the next page and peruse the index.

Oh, and if you want to contact me...well, I don't deal directly with the public. "Stealth" is my middle name. All I can suggest is that you direct any questions to Lucas Bones and Isaac Mangang who run The Shrine. They're old drinking partners of mine and I get in touch with them periodically, so they can pass your drivel on to me if they feel it's worthy of my perusal. Okay? Good.

Let's enter the archive...


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