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Unless you go there in person (which is not something that we would at all recommend or condone nowadays), this is perhaps the best way that you can get to know the CRCMH site. This tour contains close to 90 images, mostly all taken from analog video shot during our own exploration in 1993-1994. However, because these are video images (and therefore not quite up to the standard of the the many photographs elsewhere on the site), they are not presented as thumbnails linking to larger pictures. Still, in many cases the enhanced images here appear in a better quality than they do on the original tape anyway. They will no doubt give you some idea as to the exploration experience.

Your chief guide for the tour is the esteemed "happy" Professor Isaac Mangang who will provide a simply "riveting" commentary for you. He is joined on our virtual trip by a number of fellow explorers. Appearing from time to time in the shots, alongside the rest of the Pwürg fraternity of Lucas Bones and MC1201, are such occasional comrades as "Launchpad" O'Hallahan III, Nathaniel "Bob-Diddley" Hang, Eric C. Ormrod-Spink, Stu "Cowpat" Stobart, and of course the perennial Alaric "Festy" Belcher (who is now in India helping the less fortunate as it happens - good for him). The occasional presence of people in shot of course helps to provide some idea of scale. But you can consider them to be your personal guides, even your friends if you will ("Hey - I haven't got any choice - they actually are my friends" says Isaac, "Heaven help me...") as we whisk you off on a whirlwind tour of the CRCMH.

There are a million and one ways to explore the hospital. There is no "correct" way to do it, but there's no way that you could possibly take it all in on one visit (or even ten visits). So what we'll do here is follow a typical path through some of the most important areas - starting at the main entrance, heading to the southern end, then up to the northern end before leaving. Sometimes we'd do it this way, other times the complete opposite, or even explore utterly different areas altogether. Sometimes you might even stay within a very confined area, if you're after specific artefacts for example. But this route seems to form a fairly comprehensive introduction. So, let's get to it...

Click the area you wish to start at on the tour map on the left. It is strongly suggested (especially if you don't know your way around) that you start at the very beginning (i.e. Location Number One) because the tour has been designed so that the areas flow into each other nicely. As if you were actually wandering around the place in fact. Oh - and remember that the Virtual Tour is rather image heavy because it has to be, by its very nature, a visual thing. Therefore, some pages may be up to about 100kb or something - so please be patient if you have a slower connection. And likewise, please don't laugh at that last sentence if you're a hyper-geek with a super-fast-nuclear-powered cable connection. Okay? Good.

And one last thing: Remember the unwritten rules of adventure: You can look but don't touch. Well, okay - so you can touch, but don't destroy. Always ensure that you leave things in such a way that others can also experience the surroundings. Is that clear? Good.

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