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probably wasn't an actual "Buxton" chair in the CRCMH. I guess we just liked to think there was. This all came about because old advertisements for a super-duper hi-tec chair (the "Buxton" chair no less) were scattered around the place. At the time, these seemed rather amusing (though I've since never been able to ascertain why), and we referred to the grand old armchair on wheels in the Stage Room as thus. In turn, this led to resident "supergroup" Pwürg recording a song entitled "Buxton Academy", the chorus of which goes something like this:

You'll wheel me in my Buxton Chair
(Yes! Yes!)
You'll push me, wheel me anywhere
(Quality chair!)
Wheel me fast - I have no fear
(Faster! Faster!)
So push me in my Buxton Chair.

(and so on and so forth)

Anyway, here are the original advertisements - there's three to choose from (including the rather ingenious "Sanichair" - every home should have one) - alongside one of Owen's shots featuring what we referred to as the "Buxton" chair...

  The original "Buxton" Poster - from which the lyrics to the Pwürg song were derived. Includes the "Lincoln" chair - for the smaller patient.

  We found this later but it actually depicts an earlier model of the "Buxton" chair. A wonderful yet dated piece of graphic design indeed.

  Yes - The one chair that enables you to both sit and that word that rhymes with sit quite simultaneously. Ideal for the TV generation.


  The "Buxton" Chair yet not a "Buxton" Chair - Confusing times in the Stage Room.

Note from the CRCMH webmaster:

I couldn't help but notice that the commode pan is only an "optional" feature of the Sanichair. Are they saying here that it's all supposed to just drop to the floor if you can't afford the extras?

Featured download of Pwürg's "Buxton Academy" coming soon.

Buxton Pointlessness:

Ms. Liz Lynne (honourable member for Rochdale) : "I am aware that the matter is not covered specifically by the Bill, but what are the Minister's views on the use of the Buxton chair, which I understand is still used in certain residential and nursing homes? It is sometimes referred to as the "naughty chair".

Seán O'Connor (Irish Poet) :

In his Buxton chair
an old man smiles at a child
piss drips to the floor.


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