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an essay by Damon Torsten
( aka: Prof. Isaac Mangang )

An introduction

"Black wings, red eyes...the surprise." Poignant words indeed from "Flinch" - the Monkfish song (from the spectacular Gas Music album) which deals with this extraordinary episode. However, like the artist's impression below, a degree of creative license has been employed within these representations. In truth, and there is truth, nobody knows if the entity which has become known as "The Flincher" really has black wings or red eyes. The fact that neither Owen or I have ever actually claimed to have seen a mythical black-winged, red-eyed beast may hopefully add some credence to this tale. The element of surprise, nevertheless, is simply unquestionable. I'd also like to add from the outset that this is not a work of fiction. Here, for the first time, I shall convey to you the tale of a real-life unexplained incident. Although I do not claim to possess all the answers, the mystery surrounding "The Flincher" and what really happened that night in 1994 may at least be preserved for the future seekers of truth...


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