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For the benefit of those of you who might be interested (i.e. welcome to easily the crappest page of this entire website), here you will find enlargements (just click on the thumbnails) of the images which appear smaller within the text of the "Black wings, red eyes,...the surprise" essay. Nobody knows if the real Flincher - if there is a real Flincher - looks anything whatsoever like these. But as the testimonies explain, these kind of impressions are as good as any in attempting to convey what was experienced that night in 1994. Both are straight from the "horse's brain" (as opposed to "mouth") - created by "eyewitness" Damon Torsten.


Meanwhile, here's one from Owen...

Avast and Avaunt. Well there I was scanning away quite merrily, when all of a sudden I was stricken (my brother) by a terrible sense of dread. And there it was, in the very picture I was scannerising - The Source Of All Terror. Look closely and I'm sure you'll see what I mean! (The Horror...)

If you have your own ideas having read the accounts (or indeed you claim to have had a Flincher experience of your own), you are very welcome to submit your own impressions of the CRCMH's most famous unseen entity. The more, the merrier...



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