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Still #6

An army guard stands outside Patton's door. This was filmed in one of the northern wards, where I found the scripts.

Still #7

Looking through the door window, we see a nurse attending Patton whilst his wife looks on from a chair in the corner of the room (or is she asleep because the film is so boring?).

Still #8

This night-time shot shows soldiers wandering outside the unusual corrugated iron-rooved hut (which juts off to the west just over halfway up the main corridor). Incidently, most of the night footage in the film appears to have been shot in daylight using dark filters. This becomes quite apparent when playing around with the light levels on an image in a graphics program.

Still #9

The interior of the hut shown above. It has been made out as some kind of tea shop - note the cakes on the counter at the back. It is unlikely that this was the true purpose of the actual building.

Still #10

By this stage, the world's media have innundated the reception wanting news of the famed General. Here we see a representative making his way toward the main reception. This is the corridor if you turn immediately right having walked through the reception. Through the windows on the left in the picture is the inner courtyard.


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