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National Disorder was a psychedelic doom metal band from Maidenhead that went through all sorts of line-up changes between June 1991 and late 1993. These photos - more like snapshots than publicity shots - show the band wandering around the CRCMH on a typical exploration evening.

ND chilling in Savernake Forest, Marlborough
L-R: Stuart - Ben - Damon - Simon - Paul

These four shots feature the line-up that headlined the waterlogged Desborough Summer Festival on 10th July 1993:

Damon Torsten - Vocals / Bass Guitar
Paul Davis - Lead Guitar
Stuart Watson - Lead Guitar
Simon "Launchpad" Hallahan - Bass Guitar

Not Present: Drum Machine - Ziggy Reaper Jr; or either of National Disorder's human drummers - Lee Shephard (now Massive Attack's engineer) or Ben Lee.

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  "The Grand Corridor" - The band explores the catacombs surrounding the Flincher's Lair.

  "The Inner Sanctum" - Standing in the courtyard with the doors through to the reception behind.

  "The Stage Room" - Playing with assorted discarded Christmas Decorations on the stage.

  "Ha Ha Ha" - Relaxing infront of the legendary face (artist unknown) - before the space around it became the "Save Our Hospital" petition. In a room off the canteen.


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