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Wire Jesus was a pop/rock band formed around Maidenhead in 1992 at the height of the "grunge explosion."Indeed, the name lives on and the current line-up are still putting on critically-acclaimed performances all over the London and local area - check out their official website which features samples of their groovy tunes.

These 11 publicity shots, taken at the CRCMH in May 1994 by photographer Ben Lee, feature the second line-up of the band:

Michael Murray - Vocals / Guitar
Damon Torsten - Bass Guitar
Stuart Watson - Lead Guitar
Klaus Andersson - Drums

Some photos from this section have previously appeared in the Maidenhead Advertiser and Slough Observer amongst assorted publications. In focussing primarily on the personnel, these shots feature scenery and areas of the CRCMH that otherwise might have gone uncaptured by camera. They are, therefore, a valuable atmospheric resource of the site. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

  "Introductory Band Montage" - Shows all four members as photographed individually outside the Boiler Room.


  "Ghosts" - Echoes of the band hover at the northern end of the CRCMH, in the Boiler Room courtyard.


  "Not Ghosts" - The same shot as above only the band appear to have returned to this world.


  "Pagans" - Mike & Damon enter the canteen area, whilst Stu practices his walking-frame technique.


  "Live at the CRCMH" - The band puts on an impromptu performance using makeshift instruments on the decaying CRCMH stage.


  "Up Here" - The band gazes down from a raised platform within the Boiler Room.



"Invisible" - Once again disappearing into the ether outside in the Boiler Room courtyard.



  "The Locker Room" - A frustrated looking band in a hitherto unknown room near the Kitchen area.


  "The Boiler Room" - Looking down on the band. Note the "tar channels" in the floor.


  "Baby Jesus" - Mike discovers a portrait of himself in the very creepy "bloodstained" kitchen.

  More fun in the "blood- stained" kitchen, again featuring the creepy baby picture. L-R: Andersson, Murray, Torsten, Watson.

A few notes about the text on the wall behind the band:

Daniel Beardsall writes:

By way of thanks for the site, I used my GCSE in German to translate that text for you, the one towards the end of the tour. Bersorgungslager without the first 'R' translates as "provisions store" or something along those lines. Hope that sheds some light on things.

Tina Bruch (who I think may actually be German) writes:

Hi I just took the virtual tour of the CRCMH (lovely place by the way) and noticed that you wonder what Bersorungslager means. It's actually Versorungslager and it means supply depot.


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