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This is a lovely memento from Ward 13 (and I know this because it has been scrawled on the back in permanent pen). It's 15 inches long and of weathered pine construction, washed haphazardly with a cheap white household gloss which exemplifies the archaic nature of the CRCMH. In keeping with this theme, the name has been painted on "really well" in black capitals. None of your diamond enscribed platinum name-plates here, no sir. Poor old Sister Muthucumaru had to make do with this tatty old bit of wood. Dere's respect for you (Bwana?).

If anyone has any recollections of Sister Muthucumaru (or indeed believes that I didn't actually make the name up and can merely verify the fact that she existed) - Let us know.

UPDATE: One avid CRCMH enthusiast has had a quick look on the UK electoral role for us, and can confirm that the surname does indeed appear to exist (see, I told you that it wasn't a fabrication of my twisted mind) - and there was one solitary entry:

Priya Muthucumaru, aged 56, of London WC1.

So there you have it. Is is our Sister Muthucumaru? Sounds plausible. Well, you never know. But if she gets in touch, I'll quite gladly return her sign. I appear to be quite good at returning signs (see Gratis Surprise Incorporated).

Anyway, keep 'em coming.


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