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These 19 page booklets were found, literally in freshly-wrapped bundles, in the side office to the left as you enter the "stage room." As you may observe, the front cover has been used to form the basis of the "corporate identity" of this website. Many booklets were in mint condition and although we rescued a few, we left an awful lot more behind (and if my memory serves me correctly, every recipient of a cone-shaped "gratis" was given one too - see here). It's a pity because, had we taken more, we could have mailed one to any interested party through this website. Still, all you really need to see is presented here below anyway.

The bulk of the booklet is made up of badly typeset advertisements for local businesses - which is rather amusing and dated. There appears to be no other point to the publication. So much so, that it clearly wasn't very popular - evident by the truckloads left behind - even though it was given away free. Read on, and you'll understand why...


  The front cover of the CRCMH Sports and Social Club booklet 1979 - with ads for 2 Bourne End businesses at the bottom (do they still exist?).

  The magnificent and simply "fascinating" intro page to the booklet - indeed, the only thing in it that isn't just advertising material. A "fun" read indeed...

And in case you might like a game of shove half-penny or two with those wonderful people from the CRCMH Sports & Social Club, here's the application form for you. But ooh, the decisions!...Shove half-penny or darts? With choices like that, who needs bungy-jumping? Though it may have something to do with the fact that the intro page (see above) exists solely to complain that nobody is interested in joining the social club and it may be forced to close down. Perhaps that's the real reason why the CRCMH closed down itself - the NHS executives just couldn't stand darts. Just a thought.

Oh, and before I go - For those of you who have been waiting since 1978 for the answers to the crossword in the previous edition, here they are. Better late than never.

Was the question for 17 across: "What did the matron do to the CRCMH cabbage in order to lapse into a coma?". Any other question possibilities are welcome.


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