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I forget precisely where this was found, but it's one of the most interesting pieces of memorabilia that we ever uncovered at the CRCMH. It's a good old-fashioned rubber stamp used to ascertain whether or not the patient in question has a twin (presumably for purposes of transfusion etc) which is fairly bizarre given the low percentage of patients that might fit into such a category. Its impression looks like this:

...but why would anyone actually use the stamp at all if the answer to the first question is no? - very silly. Though naturally, half of my possessions have since been ruined by having its smeared image stamped on them, which is of course entirely pointless. There's not really much else to comment on, except to say that modern technology is nowhere near as fun (or indeed messy).

Ever wanted to pretend that you worked
in passport control? It's quite addictive in
a very very very annoying type way...

Damon Torsten
May 2002


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