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X-rays are perhaps one of the first things that spring to mind when you think of the word "hospital." And as such, the CRCMH is no different. It still contained x-rays long after the patients had last come to visit. The x-ray department was off to the left as you entered the main reception doors, and although not quite so abundant as other material, we did manage to collect a few. Below are some images of some actual x-rays and a photographic x-ray print from the CRCMH.

(above and below) Head X-Rays, CRCMH X-Ray Dept.
These two are of the same patient, taken in May 1963.


  Click on the thumbnail (left) for a lovely hand x-ray photographic print from 1948. Note the ring: Makes you wonder how so many people get rings stuck on fingers -
I mean, look at all that space around it...


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