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ARCHIVE #1 - June 2000 - December 2001


I read your Flincher story and in no way do I doubt your recollection. I've had my fair share of uneasy presences, unexplainable sounds, strange sightings etc... Although I am a little jealous that you had such a cool place to explore.

Miss L.S
Melbourne, Australia
16th June 2000


I like it. I love the detail you go into, it adds credibility. I've never been near the place myself (save driving past it in the car). Thanks for sharing the story.

Mr P.B
Maidenhead, England
18th June 2000


I first jumped the wall in '92, to discover a whole new world of bad vibes and scary noises. It'll be a shame to see it go - even though I haven't been in there in over 2 years. The old house across the road has gone, and now modern flats are to be found there. The only blessing is, perhaps now all the spooks that walk the corridors, will now have families and young couples to haunt instead.

I shot a 20 minute short film there for my last college project. It'll be mad to watch it again in 30 years, and remind myself of what used to be there. I will agree that no matter what time of day, or how ever many of you enter that place, the hospital is without a doubt the scariest place I've ever been to, without actually ever seeing an apparition.

Miss C.T
Maidenhead, England
21st July 2000


Interesting. My partner and I went to the hospital on our first date! We had been at The Oak in Taplow and were talking about it. I had never heard of it, so off we went. It's certainly creepy, but I'm happy to say we didn't come across anything too strange. Thanks for the story.

Mrs P.H
11th August 2000


Hey, I like that Flincher story! It's interesting reading someone else's thoughts and stories about the place. Me and a friend trekked there all the way from the other side of Maidenhead to take some photos for a project once. Didn't see anything really eerie, but we did find the "dead files" with some very odd descriptions of how the people died. I remember that we got there at about 4pm. I remember this cos it was sodding freezing and I'd just started my photography A-Level at school. We shot out of there quite quickly at dusk when we found that we didn't have a torch or know our way around. To this day I still haven't been back there. Still living down the road from it though.

Miss T.W
Maidenhead, England
20th December 2000


I am writing to comment on the 'Flincher' article, in order to confirm that the description of the 'layout' of the CRCMH depicted in the story is quite accurate. I was a patient (inmate) in this hospital in the seventies (around 1973/74), and although I think the term 'labyrinth' is something of an exaggeration, the main corridor was certainly quite long, and there was indeed a chapel approximately half way up it.

From the description of the building itself, there is little doubt in my mind that the author of the story has either visited the hospital himself or has architectural records of some kind of the place, or knows somebody who has visited there, who might possibly have recounted a description of the place to him. Whatever the case, as I said before, the description of the building seems quite accurate. The authenticity of the existence of 'The Flincher' however is not something that I can personally testify to. I certainly had no such encounters during my stay in the hospital - but after all, when I was there it was a busy active environment, full of patients of all ages, and of course the staff. The chief consultant for the condition I was 'afflicted' with was a (latter?) 'middle aged' lady called Doctor Barbara Ansell, who has recently reputedly been awarded an O.B.E . (Webmaster's Note: Dr. Ansell was indeed quite acclaimed and presented with the C.B.E - read about it here. Sadly, she died during the compilation of this website - on the morning of Friday 14th September 2001. Her funeral was held at Stoke Poges church on Monday 17th September.) The medical team there certainly helped put me back on the 'road to recovery' , for which I remain grateful (If any of them are reading this - Thanks from me). That's all I've got to say for now.

Mr J.E
Leicester, England
21st January 2001


That scared the shit out of me! I was there as a baby. When it closed down, my mum and dad found that you could get in when they were walking around Cliveden woods. They took us kids back there, and we used to go exploring. It became a good family day out on regular occasions and we used to bring all manner of things home - an incubator that we turned into a buggy and various x-rays.

Until I read you story I hadn't given the place a second thought. But on the other hand, thinking back, it was a very creepy place.It was almost as if something had happened and the place had just been abandoned. There were, as you said, old medical records lying around - this I can assure you is highly illegal. Maybe the reason that it has been left in such a hurry is more to do with your experience than people would like to believe. Am I right in remembering that in one room there were instruments hanging on the well that resembled some sort of butchers shop? The door was locked and had a biohazard sign on the door, if my fuzzy memory serves me right.

Miss A.N
Somerset, England
23rd January 2001



I have just recently read your essay on the CRCMH in Taplow. A very interesting story. I have been up to the site myself before. My original reason being that it was my place of birth and I had heard the building was still standing after being shut for so long. I have been there three times but can not face it again. The first time was fine. I completely understand what you mean when you say it has a relaxed calm feeling. The second time, I was exploring a lot more. There is still a lot of paperwork and various equipment up there, but I think everyone has been taking bits here and there over the years. The third time was a bit more unsettling.

I was exploring around the area of the hospital where you had your experience. I felt so on edge. My boyfriend kept wandering off. I suddenly had a great sense of panic and was running after him down the long corridor. I was then whipped round the face by one of those cables that hangs down from the ceiling. It made me scream. I swear that I should not have run into it - I could see where they all were.

Anyway that is not the interesting part. My boyfriend returned to the site on his own with a video camera. He explored even more than we had done previously. The next place he went to was the Animal Lab. On the tape, as he is coming up to it you start to hear intimitent bang coming from the building. From what he has told me, he went through the door, feeling pressure on him. This is something I have felt also and I have not been able to get myself through the door for a huge feeling of not being wanted there. He went into the building and down to the main lab, this is where he started to hear the growling. This followed him around, so he started to make his exit with feelings of being pushed out and not wanted there. This reminds me of what you had been talking about. The thing is that the video camera had a completly black section for the time he spent in the Animal Lab. I do not know what is going on there. I thought we were just spooking each other out about the place, feeling things that were possibly not there. But after reading your story, I am starting to wonder!

Miss E.C
Maidenhead, England
1st December 2001

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