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Mr X was an "inmate" at the CRCMH on and off between 1973 and 1984. Selections from his correspondence with us are reproduced here for the first time. His discussions - anecdotes of a long-term patient - cover all manner of subjects such as hospital geography, childhood pranks, ghostly hauntings and theories about "The Flincher" and other secrets and mysteries.

In July 2000, having read the tale of "The Flincher", Mr X contacted its author Damon Torsten. The following "interview" has been drafted from correspondence between the two. Anyone with an interest in life at the working CRCMH, as well as the mysteries since its closure, will thoroughly enjoy this. Mr X's thoughts make essential reading - a bit disjointed in places, but captivating all the same. Read on...

NOTE: Mr "X" is not his real name. Bet you'd never have guessed that.


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