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As I divulged in the Hollywood section, it has always been quite difficult to locate a copy of "The Last Days Of Patton" telemovie on video. This is especially true now that the smaller independent video stores are being taken over by huge international conglomerates which concentrate only on the latest Hollywood blockbusters, preferably on DVD. Tacky VHS B-Movies from the 70s and 80s are getting harder and harder to find. So it is with great pleasure that I bring you some stills from the most expensive film to be shot in the CRCMH. You won't find any elsewhere on the web, believe me. So here goes - 20 images for you no less...

Still #1

It's the CRCMH!...or is it? I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I first saw this. General Patton is being rushed to hospital in the army ambulance you see here, as a tasteful bit of matte painting transports us from Taplow to Heidelberg in Germany.

Still #2

The ambulance pulls up outside the main entrance. Note that the commemorative plaque to the right of the doors has been covered with a different sign which probably says something about Heidelberg (visible just behind the pillar).

Still #3

The operating theatre. I recognize the incinerator thing from my travels around the CRCMH. Though it's strange to see so much equipment.


The other side of the operating theatre shows Patton going under the surgeon's knife. Note how spacious and empty the whole scene appears - more like a TV studio than a hospital. Still, we know otherwise...

Still #5

Patton is moved into a private room to recuperate from the op (which he never does because the painfully long rest of the film shows him fading away).


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