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Since its closure, the CRCMH has become Maidenhead's equivalent of the Marie Celeste. Although many major fittings / equipment etc disappeared fairly rapidly, a vast amount of paraphernalia still sits around, waiting patiently for the staff to come back and get on with business. The whole place is literally strewn with the everyday minutia of a working hospital. Although much of this might be considered "mostly harmless" such as the wheelchairs, toys, or magazines and the like - other items, such as the infamous "dead files" or mysterious vials of unknown substances - pose some serious questions. Namely - Why on earth were they not destroyed or transferred elsewhere as a top priority upon the closure of the hospital? Dangerous drugs. Confidential patients records and X-Rays. All of these and more were simply left behind. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned here.

Anyway, forays into the world of the CRCMH would often result in the capture of some artefact or other - a souvenir of the visit. Combined with other mementos you have sent to us, these build up an interesting picture of the everyday forgotten things that make up a hospital. This is our online array of CRCMH memorabilia - and just like "real" museum or art collections, every picture tells a story...


We currently have 17 categories here and hope to expand. Please contact us if you have any CRCMH memorabilia that you'd like to either scan or send in order to immortalize it in cyberspace.

Pointless (arte)Factoid: We at The Shrine are proud to make use of the proper English spelling of the word "artefact" (which webmaster Damon wholeheartedly supports, and he should know, being an archaeologist of sorts). We urge you not to lapse into the all too common American spelling of "artifact" because, well... the language is called English for a good reason. And when the Americans invent their own language from scratch, they can do whatever they want with it. So there.



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